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2018/10/15    #012

SNS Eigojutsu (on E-Tele): June 7th   #PowerOfSocialMedia and My Wardrobe

Eテレ『世界へ発信!SNS英語術』6月7日放送分 #PowerOfSocialMediaと当日の衣裳について

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■Behind the Scenes

・ This week we looked back at all the topics we’ve covered so far on the show and caught up with the latest developments relating to the various hashtags we’ve featured. We taped this episode on the same day as the May 31st #RoyalWedding episode—our first back-to-back taping. It was a long day, but we got through it without any major problems. This is absolutely thanks to the tireless work and genuine concern of the staff and crew. Allow me to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your willingness to work with an amateur like myself. Thank you.

As this was a special occasion—our first recap episode—we were graced by the presence of both Hide-san and Gori-san, who normally appear on alternate weeks. What’s more, I got to seat in the “partner seat” (stage right from our MC Kato-san), while Hide-san and Gori-san sat in the commentator seats. True to their commentator roles, the two of them were introduced using their real names—Nakagawa Hideki, and Teruya Toshiyuki, respectively. There was something fresh about the two of them putting on straight faces and bringing hashtags to the table that they wanted to discuss.

I, on the other hand, was tasked with being the straight man to their faux-serious antics, as well as administering a quiz to test how much they had retained from the previous weeks. All of it was new to me, so I was very nervous—but I feel like I’ve come a long way since our pilot.

The quiz brought to light certain issues that we’ll have to address on the show in the future. On our show we cover a lot of vocabulary and phrases at a rapid pace—par for the course in the social media age, I suppose—so often we often gloss over the details and the specifics. Moving forward, I think we will try to do more review of the expressions we’ve covered in the past. As Kato-san, Hide-san, and Gori-san become more familiar with English, it may be prudent to adjust the balance of the content of the show: English input, and English output.


Photo : ©Derek Makishima




■Our Topic for the Week

For our recap show we revisited the hashtags we’d previously covered, and looked at any new developments that had happened in the interim.

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have continued to grow in size and momentum, shaking the foundations of the entertainment industry, politics, and other fields. We’re entering an era when it’s become an imperative that men reflect on their past actions and truly evolve.

In our #NeverAgain episode, we talked about school shootings and how the hashtag was an utterly commonsense plea that the country needs to come together to make sure these types of incidents never happen again. Students in America must live with a sad reality: that going to school means accepting the possibility that you may be walking into a school shooting. This sentiment is best reflected in the #IfIDieInASchoolShooting hashtag that we talked about.

These social problems that define our era will not simply go away, and solving each one is proving to be a truly daunting task. Ostensibly, as a member of the media, I hope to do everything in my power—however small—to move the world in a better direction.



#MeTooや #TimesUpのムーブメントは、その後も広がり続け、エンタメ業界、政治界など、様々な分野を揺るがし続けています。これからの時代は、男性自身が自らの行動を顧み、“進化”することが求められるのではないでしょうか。

教育の場での銃乱射事件については、今後二度と起きて欲しくはない、という意味で#NeverAgainという回で取り上げました。アメリカの学生は現在、「学校に通うことはすなわち銃乱射事件に巻き込まれる可能性を受け入れること」という悲しい現実と向き合わなくてはならないという状態になっています。このことが一番よく現れているのが、 #IfIDieInASchoolShooting (もし私が学校の銃乱射事件で死んだら)という新しいハッシュタッグでした。


■This Week’s Wardrobe / 今週の衣裳について

Sports jackets

Up until now I’ve mostly worn suits—matching jacket and trousers. With summer almost upon us, I went for something more casual with a sports jacket and chinos.

With a suit, you only have to worry about choosing a shirt and necktie, but with a sports jacket you have to consider the balance of your jacket and trousers as well.

Hollywood celeb-types seem to like rougher styles when it comes to trousers, but the basic choice is a clean, fine-fitting pair of chinos. Color-wise, I recommend you go with basic colors like beige, brown, or gray. During summer, more experienced ~~ may want to try a pair of white chinos or jeans.

This summer I hope to master the art of matching suit jackets and tailored sports jackets with a variety of casual trousers.






■Brooks Brothers red chinos

Photo : ©RendezVous
The highlight of my wardrobe this week was these boat shoes I bought last summer. Boat shoes, which are sometimes called deck shoes, are shoes designed for walking on the deck of a boat or yacht.

Timberland is a brand known for their iconic yellow boots—staples of street fashion—but I would highly recommend these boat shoes (22,680 yen, tax included).

Boat shoes are made with special soles designed to prevent slippage, as slipping on the deck of a boat could be fatal. Because these are Timberland’s, they have the same lug sole you can find on their work boots. In any case they have good grip.

The leather shoelaces were a bit difficult to tie at first, but over time they have become soft. The are thread around the shoe itself, so I dread the day I have to re-lace them, but apparently they sell something called a shoelace needle precisely for that occasion.

Boat shoes are usually worn without socks, but I wore these on the TV show’s virtual set (which is indoors, and decidedly not a boat). Plus, I was still trying to break in the leather, so I went with yellow socks.






Photo : ©RendezVous
Brooks Brothers Aoyama Flagship
ブルックス・ブラザーズ 青山本店
3-5-6 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山3-5-6
TEL : +81-03-3404-4295
Open 営業時間 :11:00~19:30
Closed 定休日 : No fixed holidays / 不定休

■Tabio orange socks

After wearing pink, red, and yellow socks, I decided to evoke the beginning of summer with these orange socks.

They are the “Men’s Power Fit 2×2 Ribbed Socks” from Tabio, 1,080 yen, tax included.

The socks are actually extra-sturdy around the tips of the toes and the heels, which was great because I was still trying to break in my Red Wing chukkas.

I also discovered that brown-colored shoes and orange-colored socks go really well together. So I suspect you’ll be seeing more of these orange socks in the future.



タビオの『メンズ パワーフィット2×2リブソックス』(税込1,080円)です。



Tabio Omotesando Hills
タビオ 表参道ヒルズ店
Omotesando Hills B2F, 4-12-10 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-12-10 表参道ヒルズ 本館B2F
TEL : +81-03-5785-0561
Open 営業時間 11:00-21:00(Weekday/平日), 11:00-20:00(Sat., Sun. and holidays/土日祝)
Closed 定休日 : No fixed holidays / 不定休

■Brooks Brothers Light Gray Super Soft Jacket

Photo : ©RendezVous
I’ve talked about this item before. See WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #003.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #003を参照してください

■Brooks Brothers Brown Belt / 『ブルックス・ブラザーズ』の茶ベルト

Photo : ©RendezVous
I’ve talked about this item before. See WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #004.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #004を参照してください

■Fabric Tokyo white button-down shirt / 「ファブリック・トウキョウ」のピンクのボタンダウン・シャツ

Photo : ©RendezVous
I’ve talked about this item before. See WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #007.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #007を参照してください

■Red Wing chukka boots / 「レッド・ウィング」のチャッカ・ブーツ

Photo : ©RendezVous
I’ve talked about this item before. See WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #007.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #007を参照してください

■Zoff brown glasses / 『ゾフ』の茶色いメガネ

Photo : ©RendezVous
I’ve talked about this item before. See WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #003.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #003を参照してください

One Last Word

At the end of the show, our resident English teacher Torikai-sensei taught us the idiom “wake up and smell the coffee”. This is a very common phrase in the States, used to shake someone out of their obliviousness and open their eyes to the reality of a situation.

For those who don’t drink caffeine, I suggest the phrase “wake up and smell the decaf”.

Side note, the morning of the taping, I got onto the elevator at NHK when the lady next to me—I’m assuming an NHK employee—turned to me and said, “I watch your show.” This was the very first time someone had “recognized” me from the show, and in my surprise I just managed to say “Thank you. I’m on my way to the taping.”

I felt in some very tiny way that I had made it, that I had achieved some modicum of fame, and so for sometime afterwards I was somewhat zoned out. So what did I do? I drank a cup of coffee, of course.


番組の最後に、鳥飼先生が紹介された“Wake up and smell the coffee”という慣用句は、アメリカではとても良く使われる表現です。目の前の現実を認めようとしない時や、気付こうとしない時に、「自分が置かれている状態を把握しなさい」「現実に目を覚ませ!」と言った具合で使う表現です。

カフェインが苦手な人には、“Wake up and smell the decaf”という別の言い方の方がいいのかもしれませんが。



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