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2018/10/15    #011

SNS Eigojutsu (on E-Tele): May 31st   #RoyalWedding and My Wardrobe

Eテレ『世界へ発信!SNS英語術』5月31日放送分 #RoyalWeddingと当日の衣裳について

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■Behind the Scenes

Today was our first back-to-back taping. Up until now we’ve taped the show on Tuesday and aired on Thursday, but this week circumstances conspired to allow us to tape next week’s show as well.

Usually the commentators on the show—me included—are busy with script meetings and the like before taping, so we mostly hang out in a meeting room with people coming and going. But on this day we had some downtime between the first and second tapings, and I had a wardrobe change, so Tsukagoshi-san (fellow commentator) and I got our own dressing room for the first time. Having a spacious room all to ourselves as a little intoxicating—I felt like I’d become a star in some small way.

Our featured topic this week was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s #RoyalWedding.

Meghan Markle, of course, was one of the protagonists of the American television show Suits for many years. In honor of her and the occasion, the men all wore suits for today’s show.






Photo : ©Derek Makishima

■Americans and the British Royal Family

The United States of America (technically, the originally 13 colonies) once declared its independence from Great Britain to escape the rule of the British crown. However, in recent years, Americans seem to have started once again to be drawn to the British Royal Family.

In 1985, the year I was born, Princess Diana visited the Ronald Regan White House and danced with John Travolta, and the occasion drew large crowds to Washington to catch a glimpse of the “People’s Princess”. For Americans, there had always been something cold about the royal family, but the warmth of Lady Diana had captured their hearts.

Then in 2011, the royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton also made headlines in the U.S. I remember turning on the TV that morning and morning shows on every channel covering the event. The broadcasters were all glued to the proceedings.

Through the wedding of Princess Diana’s eldest son, many Americans became even more acquainted with the British royal family. Nevertheless, African-Americans were one group that seemed to remain detached from all the pomp and circumstance. However, with Meghan Markle—who was born to an African-American mother—becoming a member of the royal family, the demographic is taking notice.

Although the wedding sermon of presiding bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church left the British royal family and their relatives in a bit of a state of shock, for African-Americans, it was unmistakably a moving scene.







■This Week’s Wardrobe / 今週の衣裳について

Azabu Tailor white shirt

Photo : ©RendezVous
The key element of my wardrobe this week was the white pinned collar dress shirt that I had made at Azabu Tailor’s &C Omotesando store. The pinned collar shirt is more “dressy” than a standard collar—perfect for a joyous occasion like the #RoyalWedding. (Not that I would ever be invented to such an occaision.

A collar pin is a simple accessory about the size of a toothpick, with two ends that can be screwed on or off. However, it lifts the knot of your necktie and creates a three-dimensional effect around your v-zone. Side note, other than a collar pin, you can also get your hands on safety pins, collar clips, and buttons.

This week we were taping two episodes back to back, and as such I had a tight schedule in terms of changing wardrobe. This particular shirt has thick, 5 mm buttons (as opposed to the standard 2.5 mm) made of silver-lipped pearl oyster, which were easy to fasten. But collar pins are another level of stress—the entire time I was afraid I’d lose the collar pin, or that I’d have trouble pinning the shirt.

But I was incredibly careful when putting it on and removing it, and I managed to get through the taping in one piece. There aren’t many accessories out there a man can pull off, but the collar pin makes you feel like a million bucks.






Photo : ©RendezVous
Azabu Tailor &C Omotesando Store
麻布テーラー &C表参道店
M.T.Bld. 1&2F Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
〒 107-0061  東京都港区北青山3-7-10 M.T.ビル1F・2F
TEL : +81-(0)3-5485-3840
Open 営業時間 12:00-20:00(Weekday/平日)
11:00-20:00(Sat, Sun and holidays /土日祝)
Last Call 19:30
Closed 定休日 : Thursday / 木曜日

■Ralph Lauren necktie / 「ラルフ・ローレン」のネクタイ

Photo : ©RendezVous
I got this vintage black necktie from BigBrother. It has oval-shaped dots all over it.


Photo : ©RendezVous
Ralph Lauren Omotesando Flagship Store
ラルフローレン 表参道店
4-25-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0001
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-25-15
TEL : +81-03-6438-5800
Open 営業時間:Sun to Thu /日-木曜日 11:00-20:00
Fri and Sat / 金、土曜日 11:00-21:00
Closed 定休日 : No fixed holidays / 不定休

Black silk knot cufflinks

Photo : ©RendezVous
The shirts I had made at Azabu Tailor all have double cuffs (often called French cuffs), so I purchased another pair of cufflinks from the online shop Cuff.

Normally with cufflinks, it’s best to go with metallic ones for a special occaision. However, because our show is shot in front of a blue screen, I have to refrain from wearing anything blue as well as metallic, reflective objects. So I went with the silk knot option.





■Global Style black suit / 「グローバル・スタイル」の黒いスーツ

Photo : ©RendezVous
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■Isetan Men’s black leather belt / 『イセタンメンズ』の黒いベルト

Photo : ©RendezVous
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■Isetan Men’s black socks / 『イセタンメンズ』の黒い靴下

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■Regal wing tip shoes / 「リーガル」のウィング・チップ・シューズ

Photo : ©RendezVous
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■Zoff black glasses / 「ゾフ」の黒いメガネ

Photo : ©RendezVous
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■American Men Feel Intimidated by the British Gentleman

In contemporary times, the existence of the British royal family serves a very important purpose: to elevate and spread the British brand. The fact that the U.S., which declared independence from Britain on July 4th, 1776, has come full circle and now once again has its eye toward the British, attests to the longevity and the universality of the royal family.

If you’re a man, you’ve no doubt found yourself aspiring to a certain symbol of the British gentleman: Agent 007 himself, James Bond. In that way the character of James Bond is an ambassador for British culture. Whether it’s style, or suits, or the resolve to stake one’s life to protect the royal family. Especially memorable was the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, where actor Daniel Craig—who currently plays the role—escorted Queen Elizabeth to the main Olympic Stadium via helicopter, and proceeded to parachute down into the center of the venue.

In recent years, Americans have been glued to their TVs watching british shows like Downton Abbey, The Crown, Doctor Crew, and Sherlock.

And finally, this might explain why American men sometimes get intimidated by British men and their accents.






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