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2018/10/15   #010

SNS Eigojutsu (on E-Tele): May 24th   #Graduation and My Wardrobe

Eテレ『世界へ発信!SNS英語術』5月24日放送分 #Graduationと当日の衣裳について

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■Behind the Scenes

For this episode we tried something new out at the top of the show—our resident English teacher Naito-sensei started by giving us a quiz: What is the Japanese title of the classical piece “Pomp and Circumstance”?

The answer was “Ifuu Doudou” (威風堂々), and the piece is, of course, the graduation song, instantly recognizable to any American. Pomp means splendor or grandeur, while circumstance in this instance means ceremony.

Just like the episode where we featured #StarWarsDay, many of the posts we talked about today were accompanied by photos. To keep their reactions fresh, Kato-san (our MC) and Hide-san (her partner in English) remained in their dressing rooms until the actual taping. For rehearsals, we had two members of the staff stand in for them.

Later, in the meeting room, someone mentioned the possibility of there being no more rehearsals for any of us moving forward. That would cause me a lot of worry and sleepless nights, so for my sake, I’m thinking we should keep the rehearsals.


この回は、前回までとは違って、内藤先生がクイズを出す形式で始まりました。「『Pomp and Circumstance』というクラシックの名曲の日本語のタイトルは?」という問題でした。

その答えの『威風堂々』です。この曲は、アメリカ人であれば誰でも聞いたことのある、卒業式に流れる、とても有名な曲です。因みに、“pomp” は「壮麗さ」や「尊大さ」、“circumstance”はこの場合「厳かな催し物」という意味です。音楽大学出身の加藤さんは、曲を聞いたら、すぐ分かったのではないかと思います。

以前取り上げた #StarWarsDayの回もそうでしたが、今回も写真にインパクトがある投稿を多く取り上げたかったので、リアクションを新鮮にするために、加藤さんとヒデさんの2人は、敢えてリハーサルを行わず、リハーサルは僕と佐々木さんに加え、スタッフ2人が加藤さんとヒデさんの代役を務める形で行いました。


Photo : ©Derek Makishima

■American High School Senior Traditions

This week we talked about graduation season in the U.S., along with the formal tradition of senior prom and pulling pranks.

American middle schools and high schools will often have several dances a year, usually held in the school gymnasium or other similar on-campus venue. Senior prom, however, is a special occasion on the same level as graduation itself, and as such is usually held in a place like a hotel reception room.

As we talked about on the show, asking someone to the prom (or being asked to the prom) is a defining moment of your high school experience. In the social media age, kids have taken to going bigger, with more and more elaborate setups to stand out from the crowd. (The escalation is their own doing.) They spend large amounts of money on tuxedoes, rental limousines, and more, with the total amount of money spent per person increasing every year.

Prom scenes are also a key part of any film or TV show chronicling the high school experience. The big dance finale of the Kevin Bacon film Footloose takes place at prom; the climactic scene of Brian de Palma’s Carrie—based on the Stephen King book—also takes place at prom.

Side note, as for me, I was very shy in high school and would inevitably be a wallflower at school dances. For that reason I was not too keen about going to prom, but a friend and fellow wallflower convinced me to go with him, saying to me, “We only have one prom.” (As platonic friends, of course.)

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Meanwhile, with pranks, they come in many forms and fall into a range of categories. Sometimes an entire class will come to school wearing pajamas or some kind of costume. Or maybe a teacher walks into their classroom to find all their students with their desks facing toward the back wall. These all fall into the “harmless prank” category, but sometimes pranks go too far, such as when students cause damage to school or teacher property and/or the cops are called. In that sense, the prank we featured on the show, where students at a Wisconsin high school made it look like a car had crashed into the school, was a masterpiece.

Also, many American high school seniors have a tradition known as Senior Skip Day—ostensibly where teachers look the other way while 4th year students cut class—somewhere between prom and graduation. (Some schools have officially banned the tradition.) Good students take advantage of this day to ditch class and their responsibilities—for once.

Side note, growing up I fell in love with the John Hughes film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and I always dreamed of the moment I would have my chance to skip school. But come Senior Skip Day, I ended up going to class as normal.


今週は、アメリカでは卒業式シーズンということで、高校生にとっての一大イヴェントである、フォーマルなファッションでキメるダンス・パーティーの“プロム”と、工夫を凝らして仕掛けるいたずら “プランク”について紹介しました。


番組でも紹介しましたが、“プロム”への誘い方(もしくは誘われ方)は高校生活の大きな勝負所のひとつです。SNS時代においては、より派手に、より工夫された “演出”が求められるようになっているようです。(これは高校生の勝手な思い込みでしょうけど)タキシードなどの衣装代やリムジーンのレンタル代など、1人あたりが“プロム”にかける金額が年々上昇していると言う統計が出ています。


因みに、僕はといえば、高校時代はとてもシャイだったので、ダンス会場では“壁の花”になってしまうことが確実だと思っていたので、 “プロム”にはあまり行く気になれませんでした。しかし同じ“壁の花”仲間から「一大イヴェントだから」と説得され、結局男性2人で行くことにしました。(もちろん、そういう方向の趣味はありませんが。)

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また、アメリカの学生の多くは高校3年の時、プロムと卒業式の間のどこかに、教師陣の暗黙の了解の元に学校をサボる “シニア・スキップ・デイ” と言うものもあります。(学校によってはこれを正式に禁止しているところもあります。)優等生もこの1日ばかりは罰を恐れることなく、登校することを放棄することが許されます。


■This Week’s Wardrobe / 今週の衣裳について

Suits every man should own

This week on the show we talked about high school, but graduations in general—college graduation, or moving on to a new job—are defining occasions in your life, and as a man you’ll want to acquire a wardrobe that suits who you will become, or who you hope to become (pun intended). Today I’d like to talk about the three suits that every man should have in his closet. Depending on your line or work or your place of business, it may be necessary to acquire more; but for men who rarely wear a suit, these three are must buys.

First, every man should own a navy suit. Navy is a staple of men’s business wear, and for good reason—it goes great with a wide variety of shirt and necktie combinations, plus, it works in the office and for formal events. The first suit I ever bought was also navy. Side note, we shoot on a blue screen on the show, so navy is a no-go.

Second, every man needs a dark gray suit. Light gray is a bit more challenging to pull off, but dark gray is like navy in that it goes well with a variety of shirt and necktie combinations.

For your third suit, choose the one that best matches your lifestyle. If you attend (or plan on attending) formal events, get a black suit. If you want to stand out from the crowd, get a striped or plaid suit—something other than a solid-color suit. For someone with a strong build, go for a double-breasted suit.






■Global Style double-breasted suit

Photo : ©RendezVous
This is the second double-breasted suit I’ve ever worn, after the first one I wore on the April 26th episode (#ShoTime).

I had this charcoal gray pinstripe suit made at Global Style’s Shinjuku Southern Exit branch. There are a bunch of narrow lines running down the suit, and I was afraid I’d be creating another moiré pattern, but my wardrobe got the green light. What a relief!

I’m an American, but there’s a part of me that aspires to the ideal of the British gentleman, so I kept things low key with the suit: the lining is also in an inconspicuous gray, and the buttons are black.

The suit is made of a Global Style entry-level fabric called Microfiber Spun, but it has a bit of stretch and is easy to move in.

Up until recently I’d always thought of suits as constricting. But since I’ve started appearing on this show, I’ve had more and more occasions to wear a suit, and I’ve been lucky that the suits I’ve worn have all been comfortable. These days suits don’t seem so feel so stiff anymore. Double-breasted suits, especially, have the effect of bracing you for anything that may come your way.







Photo : ©RendezVous
GlobalStyle Shinjuku South Exit Store
グローバルスタイル 新宿南口店
3-29-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-29-5
TEL : +81- (0)3-5413 3949
Open 営業時間
平日:11:00~21:00 / 土日・祝日:11:00~20:00
3月、9月、11月: 第3日曜日は13:00~20:00 Closed 定休日 : 5月、7月 第3日曜日は休店日

■Fabric Tokyo white button-down shirt

Photo : ©RendezVous
Check out WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #006 for more information about this item.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #006 を参照してください

Photo : ©RendezVous
Shibuya MODI 3F 1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
〒150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南1-21-3 渋谷モディ 3階
TEL : +81-(0)3-4405-5075
Open 営業時間 11:00-21:00
Closed 定休日 : No fixed holidays / 不定休

■Brooks Brothers brown leather belt

Photo : ©RendezVous
Check out WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #004 for more information about this item.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #004 を参照してください

■Brooks Brothers gray slacks

I’ve talked about this item before. See WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #002.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #003を参照してください

■Paraboot double monk shoes / 「パラブーツ」のダブル・モンク・シューズ

Photo : ©RendezVous
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こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #004 を参照してください

■Zoff brown glasses / 「ゾフ」の茶色いメガネ

Photo : ©RendezVous
Check out WARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #003 for more information about this item.

こちらの商品は、以前紹介したのでWARDROBE & ENSEMBLES #003 を参照してください。

■The Day My History Teacher Pranked Us

In the U.S., it’s standard high school and/or college student behavior to prank teachers in one way or another. However, the one prank that I will never forget is the one my history teacher played on us.

It was right around the time were getting ready to start applying to colleges. This history teacher took us to the computer lab one day to do research on what schools we’d potentially be interested in applying to. Partway through the class, the principal of the school suddenly showed up, and told us all to stop working. With a stern look on his face, my history teacher began to speak. “There’s been a problem with our computer systems, and all of your grades and school records have disappeared.”

Every student in the class was shocked and speechless. There were even one or two girls who cried. As for me, my mind was completely blank, and what the principal was saying was coming to me like I was on come distant planet. After a little while, this history teacher came clean and revealed that it was all a trick. The principal was, of course, in cahoots.

After the reveal, we talked as a class about the folly of believing your grades are everything, and how that even when the worst scenario we’d envisioned comes to pass, life did not end. We also discussed the pros and cons of a society utterly dependent on computers. My teacher had pulled the wool over our eyes, but after the prank was revealed, it felt like the scales fell from our eyes. What a day that was.





その後、成績ばかりにしがみつくことの無意味さや、最悪の事態が起こっても世の中は終わらないこと、パソコンに頼りすぎる社会の賛否についてなど、様々な議論がクラスで話し合われました。先生は僕ら生徒に対して「一杯食わした」のでした(これを英語では “he pulled the wool over our eyes”、つまり「彼は僕らの目をくらまし、現実を見えない状態にした」と言います)。しかし、そのトリックが暴かれた瞬間、「目から鱗」(英語では“the scales fell from our eyes”)という感覚に出会ったことを、今でも覚えています。ヤレヤレ。

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