2020/06/22 #041
The World’s Best Nightclubs - The Music of California (29)
オススメのナイトクラブ − カリフォルニア生まれの音楽(29)

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Overview / 目次


This is the final entry in our series providing an overview of electronic dance music.

The dance music/clubbing industry around the world is currently in dire straits. With many parts of the world going under lockdown and others announcing a state of emergency, most, if not all parties and events have been either canceled or postponed since around March, and most of the nightclubs I’ve listed in this article remain closed. Nightclubs, after all, are the very definition of the 3 C’s that Tokyo Governor Koike has asked us to avoid: closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places with many people nearby, and close-contact settings. Although people around the world are starting to come out of lockdown, it’s clear that nightclubs and raves will be among the last type of venues and gatherings to return to “normal”—assuming they ever do.

Truth be told, nightclubs around the world had already been in a tough spot since before the COVID-19 pandemic. As the EDM craze took off in the U.S. in the 2000s and 2010s, many of the venues that have played a central role in underground club culture have fallen victim to urban redevelopment, gentrification, drug problems, and more. In the U.K. alone, studies show that the country’s 3,000+ clubs in 2005 had been reduced to almost half by 2015. The situation is no better across Europe. Even in Berlin, where nightclubs bring in 3 million tourists a year and are a major factor of the local economy, rising property prices have forced many clubs to shut down. Club nights are ephemeral by nature, and it turns out that nightclubs themselves can be just as fleeting.

In response, campaigns to save clubbing culture have spouted up around the world. When Ministry of Sound was in danger of shutting down in the early 2010s in order to make way for apartment towers, public support grew so great that the club managed to avoid closure. Similarly, Fabric shut down in 2016 after a couple of drug-related deaths, but an overwhelming show of support for a Save Fabric campaign led to the club’s reopening in 2017. Meanwhile in Berlin, there is an ongoing effort to get the city’s clubs recognized as cultural institutions akin to opera houses. As they stand now, they are put into the same category as entertainment venues like casinos and brothels. Just as it seemed the movement was picking up steam, the COVID-19 pandemic caused it all to come to a screeching halt.

In this article I’ve put together a list of some of the world’s best known institutions to clubbing culture.

1. プロローグ




こういった事態を受けて、ナイトクラブを救い、クラブ・カルチャーを守ろうとする動きも各地で見られます。英国の伝説のナイトクラブである「Ministry of Sound」は2010年代前半にタワー・マンションの建設のために閉鎖されるとささやかれていましたが、なんとか閉鎖を免れましたし、「Fabric」は2016年に一旦閉鎖されましたが「Save Fabric」(ファブリックを救え)というキャンペーンに多くの賛同の声が集まり、2017年に再オープンしました。一方、ベルリンでは、ナイトクラブをカジノや売春宿などのような“娯楽施設”ではなくオペラ・ハウスのような“文化施設”として認められる運動が進められていました。その真っ最中に、クラブ・シーンの痛手に追い打ちをかけるかのように、新型コロナウイルスの感染症が流行しました。


2. U.K. / 英国のナイトクラブ

●Ministry of Sound (London)

Capacity: 1,555

Ministry of Sound has been the epicenter of house music in London since it opened its doors in 1991. Modeled after the legendary Paradise Garage in New York, its focus is on providing the best sound above all else. Friday nights are trance, while Saturday nights are house. As I wrote in MUSIC & PARTIES #040, the club also runs its own label, which has released many different compilation albums highly recommended for those who want a history lesson in club music.


「Ministry of Sound」は、1991年に開業して以来、ロンドンのハウス・ミュージック・シーンの中心地として不動の人気を誇ってきました。ニューヨークの伝説のクラブ「Paradise Garage」をモデルにしており、何より“良い音”を重視したデザインで知られています。毎週の金曜日の夜はトランス系のパーティー、土曜日の夜はハウス系のパーティーが恒例となっています。また、MUSIC & PARTIES #040 でも紹介したように、Ministry of Soundはレイベルも展開しており、クラブ・ミュージックの歴史について知りたい方にオススメのコンピレイション・アルバムを数多くリリースしています。

●Fabric (London)

Capacity: 1,500


In light of current world events, we’re temporarily closing the club as a health and safety precaution.⁣ • ⁣ Over the last few weeks we’ve been following the UK government's advice on dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. Based on the latest advice given by the government earlier on this afternoon, we’ve decided that pausing our club schedule is essential. While we’re saddened by the whole situation, we believe that this is the right thing to do at this moment in time. ⁣ • ⁣ Like many other industries, the entire electronic music ecosystem is facing a hugely challenging period as a result of this crisis. We want to send our thoughts out to every artist, agent and promoter facing event cancellations, and thank everyone we work with for their ongoing support and cooperation.⁣ • ⁣ We’re also thinking of the other clubs, music venues and their teams around the world that are currently on standstill. Though the circumstances were different last time around, we’ve been in a similar position before and will pull through this together.⁣ • ⁣ Our community is one of our biggest strengths, and once the overall outlook improves, our collective energy will make us more united. Through difficult times such as this, music will always be an incredibly powerful force – even if it can’t be enjoyed from the dancefloor.⁣ • ⁣ We’re looking into rescheduling as many of our upcoming dates as possible, and will be offering refunds for all of our cancelled in-house events. These will be processed automatically by our ticketing partner Resident Advisor – there is no need to get in touch with us directly. ⁣ • ⁣ We’ll share more updates as we have them via our website and social channels, in the meantime we hope that everyone stays safe and positive through this turbulent time. ⁣ •⁣ fabric

fabric(@fabriclondonofficial)がシェアした投稿 -

Fabric opened its doors in 1999 and has been a bastion of underground club culture ever since. Friday nights are for bass music events (drum ’n’ bass, dubstep, etc.), while Saturday nights are for deep house, techno, and disco events. Fabric also runs its own record label, best known for its 200+ mix CDs, including the “Fabric” and “Fabric.Live” series.



●Printworks (London)

Capacity: 5,000

Printworks, which opened in South London in 2017, is a relatively new superclub, but in the span of just a few years it has become one of the U.K.’s most popular nightspots, regularly hosting the world’s top DJs. In the latest “Top 100 Clubs” poll conducted by British dance music culture mag “DJ Mag”, it ranked 5th. The venue’s name comes from the fact that it’s situated inside a former printing factory, and the warehouse-like feel evokes memories of the early 90s rave scene.


2017年に南ロンドンで開業した「Printworks」は比較的新しい大バコのクラブですが、わずか数年間で世界のトップDJを招聘する人気スポットとなりました。英国のクラブ・カルチャーの総合誌「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 Clubs』のランキングでは5位に選ばれました。その名は、ビルそのものが以前は印刷工場であったことに由来しており、その雰囲気が至るところに残されているデザインが、90年代初頭の英国のレイヴ・シーンを彷彿とさせます。メイン・ステージの後ろにある巨大なLEDスクリーンが目玉です。

●The Warehouse Project (Manchester)

Capacity: 1,000


The Depot, Mayfield.

The Warehouse Project(@whp_mcr)がシェアした投稿 -

Printworks, which opened in South London in 2017, is a relatively new superclub, but in the span of just a few years it has become one of the U.K.’s most popular nightspots, regularly hosting the world’s top DJs. In the latest “Top 100 Clubs” poll conducted by British dance music culture mag “DJ Mag”, it ranked 5th. The venue’s name comes from the fact that it’s situated inside a former printing factory, and the warehouse-like feel evokes memories of the early 90s rave scene.


マンチェスターといえば、80年終盤〜90年代初頭の英国のアシッド・ハウス・シーンで中心的な役割を果たした「ハシエンダ」や、94年に石鹸工場の跡地でオープンした「Sankeys」などの伝説のクラブで知られています。その伝統を受け継いでいるのが2006年にスタートした「The Warehouse Project」です。通常のクラブとは違って、The Warehouse Projectは毎年9月からお正月まで営業する“期間限定”のクラブで、これまで度々会場を何度か変えながら活動を続けてきました。2019年以降は、「Mayfield Depot」という廃駅を拠点として開催されています。

3. Europe / ヨーロッパのナイトクラブ

●Tresor (Berlin)

Capacity: 1,000


#TresorBerlin // 1994

Tresor Berlin (Official Page)(@tresorberlin)がシェアした投稿 -

After the fall of the Berlin wall, abandoned buildings and spaces around the city became the stage for underground parties and raves. One of the scene’s most important clubs, Tresor, was opened in what used to be a bank vault. Tresor had to close down in 2005 because of local redevelopment, but it reopened in a decommissioned heat and energy plant in 2007.



●Berghain (Berlin)

Capacity: 1,500

Another major techno club in Berlin was Ostgut, which opened in 1998 in a railroad warehouse. It shut down in 2003, but reopened under the name Berghain the following year in an abandoned energy plant. Berghain has been called the world’s best nightclub, but is notorious for its strict door policy. The interior design is minimal to allow club-goers to focus on the music and the atmosphere. The main floor features techno, while the Panorama Bar on the second features house.


「Tresor」と並んで名物クラブとされていた「Ostgut」は、1998年にベルリンの鉄道駅の倉庫でオープンしました。2003年に1度閉鎖されますが、2004年に廃墟の発電所に「Berghain」としてリニューアル・オープンしました。Berghainは、世界一のナイトクラブとも称される、テクノ・ミュージックの聖地で、厳しいドア・ポリシーで知られます。内装はミニマルなデザインで、音楽と非日常的な空間に浸ることができます。巨大なメインのダンスフロアでは主にテクノがかかり、2階にあるサブフロアの「Panorama Bar」ではハウス系の音楽がかかります。

●Bootshaus (Cologne)

Capacity: 1,800

In 2018 and 2019, Bootshaus twice beat out Berghain to become the highest-ranked German club on DJ Mag’s “Top 100 Clubs” list. It opened in a former boat yard in 2000, and has gradually grown in popularity as it has expanded the range of its musical offerings. Currently it hosts a variety of parties featuring both underground figures and EDM giants like Steve Aoki. In 2019, it launched two festivals: the Nibirii Festival, dedicated to Goa trance and drum ’n’ bass, and the Blacklist Festival, held near Cologne.


2018年と2019年に「Berghain」を抑え、「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 Clubs』のランキングで最上位のドイツのナイトクラブとして選ばれているのが「Bootshaus」です。かつて船の倉庫として使われていた施設を会場としたこのクラブは2000年代前半にオープンし、徐々に音楽の幅を多様化させていくうちに人気を集めるようになりました。現在ではEDM系の重鎮であるスティーヴ・アオキらからドラムンベイスまで様々なパーティーを主催しています。また、2019年からはゴア・トランスやドラムンベイスの野外レイヴ「Nibirii Festival」とベイス・ミュージックに焦点を当てた「Blacklist Festival」もケルン周辺で開催するようになりました。

●Pacha (Ibiza)

Capacity: 3,000

In the 60s and 70s, American hippie culture and disco music spread throughout the world, and took root in places like the island of Ibiza in Spain. As a result, large disco called “superclubs” started to open on the White Isle in the 70s. The oldest among them is Pacha, which is known for its iconic cherry logo. Renovations over the past several years have given the venue an even better sound system and atmosphere. One of its oldest running parties, Flower Power, continues to pay tribute to the club’s roots.


60年代から70年代にかけて、アメリカのヒッピー・カルチャーとディスコ・ミュージックが世界中に拡散され、スペインのイビザ島にも根付きました。この頃からイビザ島に大型ディスコ(いわゆる“スーパークラブ”)が次々と開設されていきます。その中でも最も有名な老舗が、チェリーのロゴで有名な「Pacha」です。近年は改装によってサウンドシステムや演出設備もヴァージョンアップされ、再び注目を集めています。一方、70年代のルーツを継承する「Flower Power」のような長寿のパーティーも人気です。

●Amnesia (Ibiza)

Capacity: 4,000

The harsh truth of the nightclub industry that many venues to live to celebrate ten years in business—or five years, for that matter. Amnesia, which opened in 1976, is an Ibiza institution with over 40 years of history. Originally known as “The Workshop of Forgetfullness”, it was one of the key locations where the Balearic sound was shaped. It is perhaps best famous for its foam parties on the main floor, and the glass ceiling above the second dance floor that lets in that gentle morning light.


多くのナイトクラブが5年も営業が続かない中、1976年に開業した「Amnesia」は40年以上もイビザ島のナイトライフで中心的な存在として不動の地位を保ってきました。当初「The Workshop of Forgetfullness」(物忘れの工場)という名でオープンしたこのヴェニューは、いわゆる“バレアリック・ビート”と呼ばれるサウンドが育まれた聖地の1つです。名物はメインのダンスフロアのクラバー達が泡まみれになる“泡パーティ”と、朝日が差し込むサブフロアのガラス張りの天井です。

●Privilege (Ibiza)

Capacity: 10,000


Take us back to nights like this 😍 #ibiza2019

PRIVILEGE IBIZA(@privilegeofficial)がシェアした投稿 -

Privilege is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the world’s largest club. It initially opened as the restaurant Club San Rafael in the early 70s, before being rebranded as Ku at the end of the 70s. Ku was a popular superclub with a prominent gay clientele that is said to have been like an outdoor version of the legendary New York disco Studio 54. The venue has since gotten a roof and been rebranded again as Privilege in 1995.


「Privilege」はギネス世界記録に「世界最大級のクラブ」と認定された大バコのクラブです。70年代初期に「Club San Rafael」というレストランとして開業したこのヴェニューは、79年ごろに「Ku」に改名され、ニューヨークの伝説のディスコ「Studio 54」を彷彿とさせる、ゲイのクラバーが訪れるクラブとして人気を集めました。95年より「Privilege」に改名されました。

●Hï Ibiza (Ibiza)

Capacity: 4,500


Still dreaming. #hiibiza #clubwithus

Hï Ibiza(@hiibizaofficial)がシェアした投稿 -

Hï Ibiza, which opened in 2017, one of Ibiza’s newest nightclubs. Thanks partly to the fact that it opened on the grounds of what used to be Space, a popular club that boasted the likes of Carl Cox as resident DJ, it has quickly become a popular spot in its own right. In the latest DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs ranking, it beat out all of Ibiza’s long-established super clubs to come in at No. 2. It has hosted big name EDM DJs like David Guetta as well as house and techno legends. In addition to the main dance floor and sub floor, the club is known for having a DJ booth in its unisex bathroom, known as “Wild Corner”.


2017年にオープンした「Hï Ibiza」はイビザ島の最も新しいナイトクラブと言われていますが、カール・コックスらの大物DJがレジデントDJを務めた名物クラブ「Space」の跡地にオープンしたこともあり、瞬く間に人気を集めるようになりました。最新の「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 Clubs』のランキングでは、イビザ島の老舗を抑え、2位にランクインしています。これまでデヴィッド・ゲッタなどのEDM系の大物からハウスやテクノの重鎮までがDJプレイを披露しています。メインのダンス・フロアとサブフロアに加え、ユニセックスのトイレの中にDJブースをおいた「Wild Corner」というスペースでも知られています。

●Ushuaïa (Ibiza)

Capacity: 7,500


Lost in color. #ushuaiaibiza

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel(@ushuaiaibiza)がシェアした投稿 -

Ushuaïa, which ranked 4th in the latest DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll, is the sister venue to Hï Ibiza. Situated along the beach, it opened in 2011 as a hotel and nightclub, with many of the rooms overlooking the poolside dance floor. The club is known for having the biggest names in EDM helm its decks: David Guetta, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, etc.


2017年にオープンした「Hï Ibiza」はイビザ島の最も新しいナイトクラブと言われていますが、カール・コックスらの大物DJがレジデントDJを務めた名物クラブ「Space」の跡地にオープンしたこともあり、瞬く間に人気を集めるようになりました。最新の「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 Clubs』のランキングでは、イビザ島の老舗を抑え、2位にランクインしています。これまでデヴィッド・ゲッタなどのEDM系の大物からハウスやテクノの重鎮までがDJプレイを披露しています。メインのダンス・フロアとサブフロアに加え、ユニセックスのトイレの中にDJブースをおいた「Wild Corner」というスペースでも知られています。

4. North/South America / 北米/南米のナイトクラブ

●Echostage (Washington D.C.)

Capacity: 3,000

Imagine bringing all of the elaborate production of an outdoor EDM festival and bringing it indoors, and you’ve got Echostage, large nightclub/live music venue in Washington, D.C. Echostage opened in 2012 and has grown alongside the EDM explosion, hosting DJs like Tiesto, Avicii, Skrillex, and Martin Garrix.



●Exchange LA (Los Angeles)

Capacity: 1,500


No excuse for missing tonight's @meduzamusic set. It was a vibe.

Exchange LA(@exchangela)がシェアした投稿 -

Exchange LA opened in 2006 in an Moderne style building in downtown L.A. that was the home of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange between 1931 and 1986. The building has been designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. The cavernous main room has hosted a wide variety of parties, from trance and progressive house to drum ’n’ bass. The venue also hosts concerts, fashion shows, and corporate events, and is also used as a filming location.


「Exchange LA」は、1931年から1986年まで「ロサンゼルス株式取引所」(Los Angeles Stock Exchange Building)が運営され、ロサンゼルス歴史文化記念物にも指定されているアール・デコ調のビルの中で、2006年にオープンしました。大きな洞窟のようなメインのダンス・フロアでは、トランス、プログレッシヴ・ハウス、ドラムンベイスなど、幅広いジャンルのパーティーが開催されてきました。また、クラブ・イヴェント以外にもコンサート、ファッション・ショーなども開催され、映画撮影のロケーションとして使われることも多いです。

●Hakkasan (Las Vegas)

Capacity: 3,000

Over the course of the 2010s Las Vegas has become the epicenter of the EDM scene in the U.S. Hakkasan is known for its high-profile DJ residencies that include the likes of Tiesto, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki. (In recent years Calvin Harris has become resident DJ at another one of Hakkasan Group’s clubs, Omnia.) Hakkasan had humble beginnings as a high end Cantonese restaurant in London before being purchased by a real estate developer from Abu Dhabi; the group opened its flagship hotel and entertainment venues in Las Vegas in 2013.



●Green Valley (Brazil)

Capacity: 12,000

Green Valley has taken the number one spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll for three years running—something that perhaps says more about how much the Brazilian people love to party than it does to Green Valley specifically as a clubbing spot. Located along a forest and lake, the largely open-air venue feels more like a festival than it does an underground club. The main area is covered by a huge tent, and hosts DJs like Fatboy Slim and the biggest names in EDM, while a second stage hosts underground acts.


「Green Valley」は、「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 Clubs』のランキングで2018年、2019年、2020年と3年間連続で1位に選ばれています。『Top 100 Clubs』は読者の投票によって決定されるので、これはブラジル人がいかにパーティー好きであることを物語っています。森と池に面したこの敷地には、ファットボーイ・スリムはもちろんのこと、EDM系の大物がDJプレイを披露する巨大テントのようなメイン・エリアと、アンダーグラウンド系のDJが登場するサブステージもあります。いってみれば、ダンス・ミュージックのフェスが毎週開催されているようなものです。

●Warung Beach Club (Brazil)

Capacity: 2,500


W A R U N G 🐲🇧🇷

Warung Beach Club(@warungbeachclub)がシェアした投稿 -

Warung Beach Club, which opened in 2002, is one of Brazil’s leading clubbing spots. The main structure, which is mostly constructed of wood and straw, sits like a temple between the jungle and the beach. The club initially became known for hosting progressive house acts like Sasha and Hernan Cattaneo, but later shifted toward EDM; it has since gone back to more underground sounds.


2002年にオープンした「Warung Beach Club」は、ブラジルのダンス・ミュージック・シーンを代表するナイトクラブです。ジャングルとビーチに面した建物は、ほとんど木製であり、常連客には “the temple”(お寺)と呼ばれるほど、パーティー・ピープルの聖地となっています。初期の頃からSashaやHernan Cattaneoなど、プログレッシヴ・ハウスのパーティーが人気で、その後一時期はEDM寄りのパーティーが多くなっていたようですが、近年は再びアンダーグラウンドのサウンドにシフトしたそうです。

5. Japan/Asia / 日本/アジアのナイトクラブ

●Womb (Tokyo)

Capacity: 1,000

Womb has been a regular for years on DJ Mag’s annual poll of the Top 100 Clubs in the world, and in the latest poll is still the highest ranking Japanese venue. The bare cement building sits smack dab in the middle of the famous Maruyamacho love hotel and club district, and inside is one of the most iconic spaces on the Tokyo/Japan nightclub scene. The main dance floor is watched over by one of the biggest mirror balls in Asia, and boasts a world-class sound system. The first and fourth floor lounges and the third floor VIP space also have an unbeatable atmosphere. Musically speaking, the genres you’ll encounter here are mainly house, techno, tech-house, bass music, and drum ’n' bass.


英国の人気クラブ雑誌“DJ MAG”が毎年選出している“TOP 100 Club”において、毎回ランクインし、2018年には世界で56位にランクされ、日本国内では最高位に選ばれているのが『ウーム』です。“ラブホ街+クラブ街”で有名な円山町の真ん中にある、コンクリートの打ちっ放しの建物の中は、まさに東京・日本のナイトクラブを代表する空間となっています。アジア最大級のミラーボールに、世界最高峰のサウンドシステムで有名なメイン・フロアはもちろんの事、1階と4階のラウンジ、3階のテラス席にテーブルを配するVIPもとても雰囲気のいい空間となっています。音楽ジャンルとしては、ハウス、テクノ、テック・ハウス、ドラムンベイスを中心としており、音楽好き、音響好き、踊り好きのためのハコです。

●ageHa / Studio Coast (Tokyo)

Capacity: 2,400


深夜のスタジオコーストを知っていますか? . . 深夜のスタジオコーストでは不定期開催でクラブイベントが行われています。 . その名も「ageHa」🦋 . 本日はその16周年のイベント🤩 . ライブは行くけどクラブは行かないなーという方もいるはず! 私も以前はそうでしたが、行ってみると結構楽しい😊 . 是非一度足を運んでみてください👣 . イベントの詳細はこちら👇 . . #新木場 #studiocoast #スタジオコースト #agehatokyo #新木場ageha #ageha #遠いから行きません #なんて #言わないで #渋谷から #シャトルバスもあるよ

STUDIOCOAST Official スタジオコースト(@studiocoast)がシェアした投稿 -

In 2002, a large-capacity multi-purpose entertainment facility called Studio Coast opened in Shin-Kiba, away from the city center. On weekends, organizers such as “Mother” hold club nights under the Ageha name catering to fans of trance, house, techno, EDM, hip hop, and more. The venue has a main floor, a bar and lounge area, an outdoor pool and beach area, and food trucks. While it’s a little out of the way, it operates a shuttle bus between Shin-Kiba and Shibuya.

●アゲハ / スタジオ・コースト(東京)

2002年末には新木場に「STUDIO COAST」という多目的エンターテイメント・スペースがオープンしました。週末の夜には、“MOTHER”というオーガナイザー・チームなどが「ageHa」というクラブ・イヴェントを開催し、トランス、ハウス、テクノ、EDM、ヒップホップなど幅広いジャンルのバレアリック・スタイルのパーティーが開催されています。メイン・フロアのほか、バーとラウンジエリア、屋外のプール・エリアやビーチ・エリア、フード・トラックのエリアがあり、大人の遊び場として現在も人気です。都心からはちょっと不便な場所ですが、渋谷からもシャトル・バスが出ています。

●Vision (Tokyo)

Capacity: 1,500


17/5/5 at VISION GW祭り #visiongw祭り #gw #gw_vision #shibuya #club #visiontokyo #soundmuseumvision

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Vision opened its doors in 2011 halfway up Dogenzaka hill. The two dance floors are constructed of wood, making them ideally suited for being, in a word, torn up, and there are lounge spaces and a bar counter for when you want to catch your breath. The sound quality and VJ visuals are excellent, and the facilities are suited for live music performances as well. On their schedule you’ll find not only club nights but live music concerts as well. Music-wise the venue doesn’t box themselves in to any genres, which is both a blessing and a curse; I recommend checking their website to see who’s playing before making the journey to the venue.



●Contact (Tokyo)

Capacity: 600


That night was🔥 📸 photo by @mnp.hoto #peggygou #mildbunchsoundsystem #contacttokyo #shibuya

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Contact opened its doors at the back of a parking lot about halfway up Dogenzaka hill in April 2016. The underground mid-size venue has a main dance floor and a bar floor, with a total capacity of about 600. Tech house is the main genre here, with DJs both local and international manning the decks. Entry is limited to members only, so be sure to preregister online.



●Warp Shinjuku (Tokyo)

Capacity: 1,000人


最高に盛り上がったRetroVision来日公演の様子をCHECK! 沢山のご来場本当にありがとうございました🌟 The RetroVision was lit!!🔥 Please have a look at those party’s photos and enjoy! @retrovision @tcpt_staff #tcpt #futurehouse #Hexagon #WARPSHINJUKU #DayEvent

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For the longest time, Womb was the only Japanese venue with a large enough international reputation to place in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll, but all that has changed with Warp Shinjuku placing 62nd in the 2020 poll. Warp Shinjuku, which opened in 2018, operates under the lofty mission statement “From the world to Tokyo, from Tokyo to the Universe”. The music is mostly of the big room house and techno variety, with some nights catering to hip hop crowds. The venue’s programming features a good balance of overseas names and local talent.


長年の間、「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 Clubs』にランクインするほど世界的な知名度があったナイトクラブは「Womb」だけでしたが、2020年のランキングでは「Warp Shinjuku」が62位に初登場しました。2018年に誕生したこのヴェニューは、「世界から東京へ、東京から宇宙へ」(from the world to Tokyo, from Tokyo to the Universe)をコンセプトに、ビッグ・ルーム・ハウスやテクノのパーティーを中心に、ヒップホップやいわゆる“オール・ミックス”もかかっています。海外の大物DJと人気の高い国内のレジデントDJのプレイを楽しむことができます。

●Zouk Singapore (Singapore)

Capacity: 2,900


[TOMORROW] Famed for his flawless mixing and intuitive tune selection, the Trance powerhouse @markusschulz will be taking over Main Room for another edition of Transfix. Expect nothing less than a night filled with stellar aural selection and hypnotic melodies. See you on the dance floor. - @arkhamknightsmusic will be kicking things off from 11:30pm so be sure to get there early. #ZoukSingapore

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Zouk is Singapore’s hottest nightlife spot, and the highest ranking Asian club in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll. It gets its name from a French Creole word meaning “party”. The venue is comprised of a number of different spaces that almost count as clubs on their own: the main floor Zouk is modeled after the type of warehouse clubs that could be found in cities like New York or Berlin, Phuture specializes in hip hop and R&B, and Capital is a luxury lounge space.


「Zouk」は、シンガポールの最も人気のナイトスポットとされ、「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 Clubs』のランキングではアジアのナイトクラブとしては最上位に選ばれています。その名はフランス語をベイスにしたクレオール語で「パーティー」を意味するそうです。ニューヨークやベルリンの倉庫で開催されたレイヴをイメージした「Zouk」、ヒップホップがかかる「Phuture」、高級感溢れるラウンジの「Capital」など、複数のスペースから形成されており、ハウス、テクノ、トランスなど幅広いジャンルのパーティーが開催されています。

●Illuzion (Thailand)

Capacity: 5,000


TONIGHT Let's Party the night with Mighty Mo and MC DAX Bring your friends to rage the night. 😆 WHO'S READY ? 🔊 VIP reservations: 📱+66 (0) 935 834 766 📧 . . . illuzionphuket #illuzion #phuket #top100clubs #djmag #clubbing #banglaroad #patongbeach #patong #phuketthailand #thai #thailand

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Illuzion opened in 2014 inside of a space that used to be a shopping center, and has quickly become one of Southeast Asia’s premier EDM hotspots. The club has hosted all of DJ Mag’s top ranking DJs, including Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Afrojack, and Steve Aoki. It is also known for frequent appearances by world-famous hip hop and R&B singers.


かつてショッピング・センターとして使用されていた施設で2014年にオープンした「Illuzion」は、短い期間で東南アジアのEDMシーンを代表するナイトクラブ/ライヴハウスとなりました。プレイするDJはマーティン・ギャリックス、ティエスト、アフロジャック、スティーヴ・アオキなど主に「DJ Mag」の『Top 100 DJs』で上位にランクインするEDM系のアーティストですが、世界的な人気を誇るヒップホップ/R&Bのシンガーも頻繁に登場しています。

6. Epilogue

Almost immediately after South Korea decided to move to less restrictive social distancing measures after seemingly weathering the worst of the first wave, a cluster of cases was reported as being linked to the nightclubs in a popular commercial neighborhood in Seoul. More than 270 cases have since been linked to the outbreak, raising fears for a second wave of infections. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, increased testing in nightlife districts has resulted in an uptick in the number of infections coming out of Kabukicho in Shinjuku.

On June 19th, Tokyo dropped all coronavirus-related business restrictions and freedom of travel was restored across Japan. But much like international DJs stayed away from Japan for a good while following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, it’s safe to assume it will be a while before they return to their jet setting lifestyles. If nightclubs will ever be restored to their former glory, there’s no way of telling when that may be.

When Tokyo was put under a state of emergency back in April, many of the city’s nightclubs launched crowdfunding efforts to help them weather the storm.

As of June 22nd, Vision’s campaign is at 93% and has nine days to go.

Contact has met its crowdfunding goal.

ageHa (Studio Coast) reached close to twice its goal.

Alongside crowdfunding efforts like these, nightclubs and DJs have also been actively streaming their sets on the internet. When you take into account the many internet radio shows and podcasts and streaming shows that existed before the pandemic, it’s never been easier to listen to dance music without the hassle of dressing up and going all the way out to a club only to have to deal with drunken crowds. Still, as we’ve seen through this series of articles, electronic dance music is different from genres like rock and pop, R&B and jazz; it’s not just for your ears, and is meant to be felt with your entire body. Nightclubs have been a safe haven that has uplifted the hearts of many, and it’s difficult to see those venues now silent and in the dark.

Our hope is that through this series, we’ve provided a little bit of insight into what makes electronic dance music and clubbing culture special.

6. エピローグ






ageHa (Studio Coast)は目標金額の約2倍弱を集めています。

一方でWarp Shinjukuは目標の63%しか達成しないまま、キャンペーンが終了しました。




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